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   p0f - configuration

   The defaults are rather sane. Be careful when changing them.

   Copyright (C) 2003-2004 by Michal Zalewski <lcamtuf@coredump.cx>


#ifndef _HAVE_CONFIG_H
#define _HAVE_CONFIG_H

#define VER       "2.0.5"

/* Paths and names to config files */

#ifdef WIN32
#  define CONFIG_DIR    "."
#  define CONFIG_DIR    "/etc/p0f"
#endif /* WIN32 */

#define SYN_DB          "p0f.fp"
#define SYNACK_DB "p0fa.fp"
#define RST_DB          "p0fr.fp"
#define OPEN_DB         "p0fo.fp"

/* Maximum number of signatures allowed in the config file */

#define MAXSIGS         1024

/* Max signature line length */

#define MAXLINE         1024

/* Maximum distance from a host to be taken seriously. Between 35 and 64
   is sane. Making it too high might result in some (very rare) false
   positives, too low will result in needless UNKNOWNs. */

#define MAXDIST         40

/* Maximum number of TCP packet options. Some systems really like to
   put lots of NOPs there. */

#define MAXOPT    16

/* Max. reasonable DNS name length */

#define MY_MAXDNS 32

/* Query cache for -S option. This is only the default. Keep it sane -
   increase this if your system gets lots of traffic and you get RESP_NOMATCH 
   too often. */


/* Maximum timestamp difference (hours) between two masquerade  
   signatures to be considered sane; should be reasonably high, as some
   systems might be running at higher timestamp change frequencies
   than usual. */

#define MAX_TIMEDIF     600

/* Packet dump - bytes per line; this is a sane setting. */

#define PKT_DLEN  16

/* Display no more than PKT_MAXPAY bytes of payload in -X mode. */

#define PKT_MAXPAY      45

/* Size limit for size wildcards - see p0fr.fp for more information. */

#define PACKET_BIG      100

/* Packet snap length. This is passed to libpcap, and should be never
   below 100 or such. Keep it reasonably low for performance reasons. */

#define PACKET_SNAPLEN  200

/* Query timeout on -Q socket. You must send data QUERY_TIMEOUT seconds
   after establishing a connection. Set this to zero to disable timeouts
   (not really recommended). */

#define QUERY_TIMEOUT   2

/* Uncomment this to give extra points for distance difference in
   masquerade detection. This is not recommended for Internet traffic,
   but a very good idea for looking at your local network. */


/* Uncomment this to display additional information as discussed in
   p0f.fp. This functionality is a hack and will disregard options such
   as greppable output or no details mode, so do not leave it on unless,
   well, debugging. */

// #define DEBUG_EXTRAS

/* If you encounter any problems with false positives because of 
   a system with random or incremental IP ID picking a zero value once
   in a while (probability under 0.002%, but always), uncomment this to
   disregard the 'Z' check in quirks section. */

// #define IGNORE_ZEROID

#endif /* ! _HAVE_CONFIG_H */

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